Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm in! I'm in!

I'm in! I'm in!

I just received my first medical school acceptance! This is such a huge weight off of my shoulders. I am going to be a doctor....again....er, a real doctor....no that's not right. I'm going to be an MD and get to treat real live human patients! Yes! That's it. Yea human contact!!!!

So my acceptance wasn't actually at my first choice school. Because I have a family, I would very much like to attend school locally and not have to move. My state school has interviewed me, but hasn't yet made a decision, so I wait. However, in the event that I do not get into my state school, I will happily pick up and move to the school that has accepted me. I was very impressed by the people, by the curriculum, by the facilities, and by the philosophy of the school. It's definitely not a bad back up plan. My husband and I discussed it last evening, and while the prospect of selling our house and moving away is not appealing, we think it will be a real investment in our family's future. From the monetary stand point, we won't have to worry about how to pay for Peanut's college. And from a sanity stand point, I will be spending my days doing the very thing that I was meant to do. I feel like this whole long meandering path that I took to get to medical school has been worth it, because I actually know with complete certainty what it is I was put on this earth to do. I have tried everything that biology has to offer. I have taught, I have done research, I have worked in industry. And in each of these arenas, I have excelled. But I was never happy. Giving birth, and experiencing the complications of my pregnancy was a wake up call. I'm going to medical school. I'm going to be a doctor. I'm going to help other women just as my doctor helped me. It will be hard and it will be grueling. But, I'm going to make a difference in the world.

It's a good day.


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Anonymous said...

haha, wow. 4 years later and now I'm looking forward to match day :) Medical school was an amazing journey. It did not lead me to where I expected it to, but it lead me somewhere great all the same. I just finished my residency interviews and I'm ready for the next step.